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  Engage your customers with an Online 24/7 Web Self-Service Center with your store's look and feel. Offer categorized FAQs. Link to FAQs in store navigation, or from any screen. Hide FAQs in the off-season.  

  Customers can create a new Case from your Customer Service page, or from any screen. Pre-populate Cases with Topic-specific questions. Full Case history is viewable in the My Account section beside a customer's orders and wishlist.  

  All new Cases come into a central queue. No more inquiries getting lost in email. When a Case is responded to, AbleCRM triggers an email containing a hyperlink which brings the customer back to your website. Reduce inbound phone and email traffic by keeping communications online.  

  Update staff with one central Bulletin Board for announcements, news, achievements and pep talks. Ideal for linking remote staff and external stakeholders. Fully web-based and accessed by everyone from home or office.  

  Central Staff FAQs for looking up policies, procedures, whatever is important. Standardizes information given to customers. Update FAQs for staff and FAQs for customers in real-time. Includes AbleCRM FAQs online user guide.  

  Customize your own wording for emails sent to customers. Activate emails when you're ready to launch customer service on your website.  

  Perform the same function to numerous Cases with the En Masse tool. Take a shortcut to Prior Cases. Easy navigation: Tools tab for information and CRM tab for customer communication.  
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